Friday, February 12, 2010

RN to BSN Schools

Prospects for nurses are increasing in all areas of the country. This is in part due to the expansion of the healthcare system. Another contributing factor is the aging baby boomer population. The result of these two areas has left a shortage of nurses. Employment rates are expected to grow by almost 25% by 2016. Although a two-year degree is required for a graduate to be able to sit for NCLEX-RN, many are attending four-year Bachelor’s degree programs. These degrees teach research, leadership, theory and nursing management in addition to the basic nursing skills. They use cutting edge technology and the focus on the latest healthcare techniques. 

The RN to BSN degree offered by Indiana State University teaches nurses on the job whenever possible. They understand that moving from an RN to a Bachelor’s degree is a big step. As a result, they teach students to manage floors, create schedules and handle payroll issues. This expanding of skill sets allows nurses to increase their opportunities and enable them to find new positions in their chosen career. Patient care and nursing methods are blended with computer applications and administration. The schools offering accelerated programs may be fully accredited. Although many are completed entirely online, others offer a blend of the campus and online environment. These programs have been developed to provide in-depth training that may be utilized by the student immediately.

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