Friday, February 12, 2010

Should I Study at an Online RN to BSN School?

More and more people are paying their bills, watching movies and meeting with their friends online. The Internet has changed many aspects of our everyday lives. As a result, many people wonder if an online RN to BS school is the best way for them to enhance their skills or if they need to find a local program. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) has approved and accredited many campus based nursing programs, but only a few online. Accreditation is an important aspect of any program, regardless of focus. It assures both students and potential employers that the coursework provides a strong foundation in the fundamental areas of study.

Online RN to BSN programs offer a wide array of careers for students to choose from upon graduation. There are various levels and specialties in nursing, so training can take many forms. However, to achieve the highest salary and career potential, a Bachelor’s degree is required. Specialty skills are highly valued in the healthcare industry. This makes them more in demand. As training and skills advance, levels of responsibility increase. Pay is often commensurate with experience and responsibility. Although nurses are needed in all areas of the country, training has not necessarily been available locally. Online nursing degrees are enabling a larger percentage of nurses to earn their degrees than ever before.

The growing population of the elderly has made the long-term career prospects in nursing very favorable. Once the decision has been made to go back to school, many people wonder how they are going to pay for an online RN to BSN program. There is financial aid available to those who qualify. Low interest student loans are granted through the Nursing Student Loan Program. Financial need must be demonstrated and students must be enrolled in classes with a status of at least half time. One of the qualifiers is that the program is accredited. Earning a Bachelor’s degree is becoming more common.  However, there are many experienced Registered Nurses who did not need a Bachelor’s to reach that level.

They may wonder why they should go back to earn this degree. Education is becoming increasingly important to career advancement. An online RN to BSN can open doors and provide career options. Many programs are tailored to meet the needs of busy, practicing nurses by allowing them to pursue an education without interrupting their careers. The coursework focuses on management theory and leadership rather than clinical experience. In many cases, an employer may pay for a percentage of tuition for their nurses. This provides the facility with a larger group of highly trained nurses, which may positively affect service levels and reputation. For nurses, it helps with job portability, should they relocate.

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