RN to BSN Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor Degree Programs for RN to BSN Students

Bachelor degree programs are specially designed for RN to BSN students who want to further their education. These programs allow students to take courses in flexible classes that work around their daily schedules, because most students can’t put their lives on hold at this point. The RN to BSN program is an accelerated degree course specifically for those who already have their RN degree, and it generally only takes two years to complete so that they can earn their bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) degree. This is the perfect opportunity for RNs to find better career opportunities and increase their employability by having more skills and a higher degree.Read More

-RN to BSN degrees can lead to supervisory, administrative, and management positions within the nursing field.

-The completion of the RN to BSN degree program is fast, flexible, and perfect for working students.

-Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is a great way to move up the career ladder without having to dedicate years to the industry to find advancement opportunities.

But What Will I Learn With a Bachelor’s Degree?

The RN to BSN program will teach students everything that they need to know about nursing, but with more of an emphasis on science than the RN program had. This degree focuses on things like nursing science, employee relations, leadership, administrative duties and tasks, advanced nursing practices, and related areas of study that professionals need to know at the BSN level.

The skills learned in the RN to BSN bachelor’s degree program will set people apart from the rest. These skills will vary from one student to the next in many cases, since there is already an education in place with these students. Those who choose this degree will learn various new skills such as:

-Assessment and Analysis

-Evidence-based Nursing

-Leadership in Nursing Roles


-Science-related Nursing Skills

-Maternity Nursing and Women’s Health

-Other Non-Clinical Skills

What Kind of Career Can I Find?

With the RN to BSN degree in hand, professionals will be able to find careers that are less hands-on within the nursing industry, including supervisory positions and administrative roles within the nursing facility of their choosing. Jobs for this level of education are all on a senior level and very professional, with a focus less on clinical nursing and more on leadership, research, and non-clinical applications. You might decide to go on from here to earn a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) for more opportunities in administration or as an advanced practice nurse, but the BSN can provide plenty of rewarding career opportunities on its own.

The BSN degree that you obtain is going to give you all the tools that you need to become a senior-level employee in any nursing environment. You will be able to manage other nurses, spend more time on elements outside of patient care, and even take another year of education to get an MSN degree if you so choose. Ultimately, the RN to BSN degree can be a great ending point for an education in nursing but it can also be a great stepping stone to more opportunities and higher positions in the future. By getting your bachelor degree through the RN to BSN program, you can accelerate your learning, advance your career, and continue to open doors for your future success in the nursing profession.


 RN to BSN Bachelor Degrees

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